Base Model


Plus GST per wave.

Extra Standalone Wave


Image Positioning Module


Advertising Module (3 Ads)


New Brand Module


Bespoke (4 Questions)


My Brand Health Additional Modules


Add More Waves

If you need to track particular marketing events such as new brand launches or advertising campaigns myBrandHealth can build in extra waves to accommodate. Separate pricing applies.

Add the Image Component

You can track product image perceptions such as product quality, prestige, etc by adding this module. Up to 10 image items can be added – separate pricing applies for more items.

Add the Advertising Module

If you wish to assess the performance of an advertising campaign then this module will help you achieve that.

Bespoke Issues Section

From time to time all brands face challenging issues that need to be assessed with specialist questions. These can be added to any wave, crafted to meet your needs by our team of experienced market researchers. Priced per question.

New Brand Section

Add this section to gain a deeper understanding of new products, what they mean to the customer, and how much potential do they have.