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The subscription-based quarterly brand tracking system, delivered through an online digital dashboard, making it easy and affordable for any sized company to conduct regular, comprehensive, and sophisticated analyses of your brands in the marketplace.

Brand Health

Categories Available Now


Includes instant, ground, and pod.

May-qtr 2021 | Jun-qtr 2021

Pet Retail

All major pet retail stores.

May-qtr 2021 | Jun-qtr 2021

Ocean Cruising

All brands – ocean cruising.

May-qtr 2021 | Jun-qtr 2021

Salty Snackfoods

Potato, corn, and extruded snacks.

May-qtr 2021 | Jun-qtr 2021

Packet Cake Mix

Take-home packet cake mix.

May-qtr 2021 | Jun-qtr 2021


All brands.

May-qtr 2021 | Jun-qtr 2021


All major activewear brands.

Sep-qtr 2021

Electrical Retailers

All major electrical retailers.

Dec-qtr 2021

Free Topline Data

Complete the form to get access to our currently available topline data – no demographic segmentation.

Pet Retail – All major pet retail stores.

May-qtr 2021 | Jun-qtr 2021

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What is Brand Health?

Brand health is a term that applies to a suite of metrics that describe the market strength of your brand in the marketplace.  There are three components to it – Behavioural, Positioning & Product Metrics.

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Why measure Brand Health?

Brand health measurement reveals a wealth of marketing data and powerful insight that will enable you to grow your brands.

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Awareness to Adoption

Tracking the customer journey, from awareness to adoption means measuring the key consumer milestones on that journey. myBrandHealth measures these crucial steps incorporating them into one effective model.

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Data Segmentation

The segmentation of your data across demographics is the most important part of the product. All markets segment and your brand’s performance in any or all of these segments is crucial to the decisions you make.

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