Metrics that matter

What is Brand Health?

Brand health is a term that applies to a suite of metrics that describe the market strength of your brand in the marketplace.  There are three components to it.


Provides the fundamentals of brand health, awareness, trial, and adoption (usage). When paired with conversion effectiveness provides a wealth of insightful strategic and tactically marketing data.


What are the underlying motivations that make a brand in a category desirable. Sometimes called drivers research, image research, positioning research, this section tells you what the important decision-making factors are and how your brands rate on them relative to your competitors.

Product Metrics

How well your brand performs against the consumer expected outcomes. How satisfied are they with your products?

Why measure brand health?

Brand health measurement reveals a wealth of marketing data and powerful insight that enable you to grow your brands. Unshackled from the dangers of anecdotal evidence myBrandHealth will help you…

  • Understand the effectiveness of your marketing activities over time
  • Develop strategic and tactical directions with confidence
  • Identify potential threats quickly and react to them
  • Identify new markets and opportunities and act upon them
  • Adjust marketing spend and direction depending on market conditions
  • Benchmark against your competitors with confidence
Awareness to Adoption

The Measures

Tracking the customer journey, from awareness to adoption means measuring the key consumer milestones on that journey. myBrandHealth measures these crucial steps incorporating them into one effective model.

Unprompted Awareness

These are the brands that are recalled by consumers without any aid when asked about a category. It indicates a high degree of cognitive processing and is correlated with strong brand equity and brand choice.

Prompted Awareness

The brands that a consumer can remember having seen before when shown the logo or the name.  An important measure for impulse products where the point of purchase can be influential.


The brands that a consumer has used before, either by purchasing the brand or by other means such as sharing or sampling. An important measure where the product performance is under investigation by the consumer.


Adoption is a difficult measure for some products. Some categories are driven by the consumer need for variety such as salty snacks, others are easier because they embody personal identification. The myBrandHealth adoption score addresses this issue.

Awareness to Adoption

Conversion Effectivesness

These measures are calculated metrics. They are obtained not by asking the consumer questions but by using the results from asking the above questions. They are important because they tell us how well our products are performing as they transition to adoption.

Awareness Conversion

This measure is calculated by dividing those who have tried a brand by those who are aware of it. It describes the ability of the brand to convert consumers to try the brand after having become aware of it. High scores here indicate a brand offer that is desirable, that has appeal amongst the target audience.

Trial Conversion

This measure divides those who have adopted a brand by those who have tried it. It is important because it demonstrates how well the brand has performed in meeting the needs of the customer. If the product underperforms then this score would be low and of concern to a marketer, suggesting a clear marketing response.

Data Segmentation

The segmentation of your data across demographics is the most important part of the product. All markets segment and your brand’s performance in any or all of these segments is crucial to the decisions you make as an organisation and as a product manager.

The demographics included in the standard myBrandHealth product include; gender, age, occupation status, main grocery buyer, state, education, income, marital status, home composition.Other segmentations can be added on a bespoke basis – separate pricing applies.

My Brand Health Additional Modules


Add More Waves

If you need to track particular marketing events such as new brand launches or advertising campaigns myBrandHealth can build in extra waves to accommodate. Separate pricing applies.

Add the Image Component

You can track product image perceptions such as product quality, prestige, etc by adding this module. Up to 10 image items can be added – separate pricing applies for more items.

Add the Advertising Module

If you wish to assess the performance of an advertising campaign then this module will help you achieve that.

Bespoke Issues Section

From time to time all brands face challenging issues that need to be assessed with specialist questions. These can be added to any wave, crafted to meet your needs by our team of experienced market researchers. Priced per question.

New Brand Section

Add this section to gain a deeper understanding of new products, what they mean to the customer, and how much potential do they have.


Learn about our base pricing and additional modules.